Mission Control Workflow Use Case


The backoffice user can create missions that will later be used by employees on the mobile applications. Each mission will have a start and end date, can have assigned articles and assets and employees and responsible people that will be able to use it on each way.


On the mobile device the employee starts the assigned mission, navigates to the destination address, collects the customer signature, scan some documents and completes the mission.


When the mission was concluded or cancelled, the Backoffice user can check the documents that were scanned, the signatures and the generated delivery note.

How Calendar works

The Loxy4.0 Smart Calender is the solution for clear and individual appointment display. The calendar is linked to all LOXY4.0 modules and displays activities of orders, booking events, internal events, employees, vehicles, assets and predefined tasks, etc. The calendar has a resource detection and can thus prevent double bookings. Different views of the day, week, month and swimlane per participant make it easier to identify each activity. Participant data such as mobile APP and on-board systems are updated in real time.

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